Ability to offer all services from one company. Offer fully developed, integrated and certified compliant health plans or a fully customized plan option. Superior technology makes it work. This allows HMA to compete in any setting. It allows for superior customer service to be achieved because the technology ensures maximum efficiency.

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HMA is the leader in providing superior health plan administration services. HMA brings an unmatched combination of experience, knowledge, risk management, technology, and dedicated customer service. Our extensive services include extensive insurance based services, stop loss, treasury and accounting services, and online portals.

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Health Plans

Precis Plan trains the consumer to ask the right questions before the high dollar services are rendered. The consumer manages their own money, so therefore they should be involved prior to the costs being incurred. If it’s fine for a member to discuss a $50 drug cost or $100 office visit...why is it unreasonable to understand the costs of the $20,000 procedure?

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Health Plan


Precis Technologies, HMA’s developed and maintained health plan administration platform is ready for the future of healthcare. The scalability and functionality are built to process claims, membership, billing, and commissions needs.Precis will ensure your business is reform-ready, interoperable, scalable and secure.

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