Diet and Nutrition – Blog Series Men Lose Weight More Quickly than Women

One place men have an edge over women today:  the scale.  Because of the male body’s naturally higher muscle mass, men are able to shed weight faster than women since muscle burns more calories, even at rest.  The female body also stores stubborn fat in certain pockets of the body and it has been studied and found that women have a harder time turning off their thoughts and feelings about food, which can make weight loss more difficult.

Seven successful weight loss tips used by men:

Men are often solution-oriented thinkers, methodical and businesslike when it comes to weight loss.  They are planners and are able to plan a week’s worth of meals and solution-oriented workout schedules.  By planning your meals, it decreases your risk of spontaneous overeating and by planning workouts in advance, you won’t skip one and will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Weight lifting helps build calorie-burning muscle, making strength training a major key to weight loss for both men and women.  Women do not have the testosterone levels required for serious muscle development.

Protein is essential for building lean muscle and boosting metabolism, which can promote weight loss.  Men eat more protein in general since they tend to enjoy animal proteins more frequently than women.  There are great vegetarian protein sources including:  eggs, beans, nuts, legumes, and greek yogurt that can be combined with fresh fruits or vegetables to create a complete meal.

When men are trying to lose weight, they keep it simple by skipping side dishes and sauces.  This can cut calories.  Men also tend to eat only when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full.  They are just better at being more mindful of their eating habits than women.

Men usually do not pass up a meal; hence, no meal skipping.  This can result in a big metabolic benefit.  When we eat regular meals, the metabolism revs and burns those calories instead of storing them as fat.

Many men make exercise fun by joining a pick-up game of basketball or football with friends.  We are more likely to stick to a workout when others depend on us to show up plus exercising with others can make sweating off pounds more fun.
When men slip up on a weight-loss program, they’re more likely to move past the digression and get back on track at the next meal.  Women have a tendency to dwell on it, feeling guilty and may cause themselves further weight gain.

Whatever your goal is with weight loss, male or female, the above tips may create some determination  while making strides toward a healthy lifestyle!

Be Well,

Sherry Jenko, DTR and Wellness Coach

**Information taken from WebMD**