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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony“ – Thomas Merton

Finding Balance:  In the busy-ness of daily life, it’s easy to get distracted handling what’s right in front of us that we neglect the things that are most important to us.  We forget about our health until we get sick or injured, we neglect our dreams until our soul screams to be heard.  As each year goes by, our outer balance can also deteriorate. Inner balance and outer balance can often go hand in hand.  The good news is that both can be improved with focus and consistent attention.

Inner Balance:

  • Remember your Values: Think about what is most important to you.  If you have trouble naming them, search for a values list online.
  • Write it Down:  Create a list of your top 5 values.  Be sure that each value listed speaks to your heart.  If you only have 3 that really matter to you, choose 3.
  • Life evaluation: Write down all the ways these values are part of your life.  How does your daily or weekly schedule show that these values are alive in you.  Many people have health and family in their values, but they don’t consistently spend time doing activities that reflect these values.
  • Living your Values: Look for ways every day that you can include more of your values into the activities of your life. They don’t have to be huge or dramatic. Maybe it’s spending 5 minutes playing a ‘getting ready game’ in the morning with your kids, or taking a 10 minute break to walk the stairs at lunch. The more you are able to include your values in your daily life, the more you will feel that your life is balanced.

Outer Balance:

  • Find your core: learn how to access the muscles of your core.  These include the deepest layer of muscle in your abdominal wall, which you can feel when you laugh really hard, or cough explosively.  They also include your glutes, back, and hips and shoulders. Engaging these areas keeps you stable. Engage your core before attempting any balance posture.
  • Start Simple: For a basic balance exercise, start by standing on one leg while you brush your teeth.  Keep one hand on the counter in case you wobble, and switch legs after 30 seconds or so.
  • Moving Balance: Once you have mastered the single leg stance, try moving the other leg.  You can reach that toe out and tap in front, to the side, and behind you.  You can swing the lifted leg forward and back, or even take a yoga or balance class that directs you into more complex balancing postures.

Creating balance in your life can bring you more happiness, contentment, and stability. It’s really a matter of paying attention and honoring what is most important to you.And occasionally standing on one leg wherever the opportunity presents itself.

‘The Well’ Kalia Kelmenson –