Life Coaching Blog Series Quick Guide to Goal Setting

“It is not found in books,

They are merely maps.

It is buried deep

In experience” – Janine Canan

Quick guide to goal setting:

  1. Start with how you want to feel – get specific, how do you feel in your body, what is your energy level, how is your mental state?
  2. What actions do you need to do to feel that way (get help if you’re not sure): again, what specific things do you need to do daily and weekly to move toward that feeling state you describe above? Start small, and build from there.
  3. What might get in the way?  Thinking ahead, what could get in the way of you taking those small action steps?
  4. Plan for success.  Create strategies to minimize the obstacles, as well as strategies to support your success(e.g. put your funnest workout clothes and shoes out, create a new playlist that you can’t help but move to).
  5. Celebrate along the way.  Give yourself a pat a on the back, a gold star, or a high five whenever you complete one of your goals (even the itty bitty ones).  The act of celebration gives you energy to keep moving forward.

How to stay on track and still have fun: Fun events often include excessive eating and drinking.  When you are working toward health goals, they can derail you.  Here’s how to stay the course, and enjoy the ride.

  • Eat before you go – have a high protein snack that will keep you from being ravenous at the buffet
  • Move a little more – 10 minute walks throughout the day, throwing the frisbee, or dancing in your living room – a good workout can come in small packages.
  • Make a game of it – See how many people you engage in conversation.
  • Be aware of alcohol – Be sure you have food in your stomach before you start drinking, and alternate alcohol with glasses of water.
  • Have an emergency stash – Keep some nuts, string cheese or low-sugar protein bar with you for those times when you are too busy to find something healthy to eat.

Stay Connected by Disconnecting:

In this age of technology, it’s easy to connect with family and friends around the world.  But often, we lose real connection with those closest to us because we are so glued into technology.  Studies show that there are major health benefits of having a close circle of friends and family.  Take some time every day to turn of the electronic gadgets and just be present with each other.  Play a board game, take a leisurely stroll, or curl up with some tea and have a heart to heart.  Your health will thank you for it.

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