Life Coaching Blog Stay Healthy through the Holidays

Stay Healthy through the Holidays

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. Helen Keller

Stressed and Sneezing?

The holidays are a time when most of us get really busy. There are presents to get, decorations to set, and the social calendar gets really full. On top of that, work obligations do not go away.Some love this kind of busy-ness, but you may feel like you can’t quite catch up.

With the added stress of financial pressures, combined with the potential for family drama, it’s no wonder that the cold and flu season really starts to ramp up right around now. As you get caught in the swirl of the season, you may feel a bit hopeless. The reality is that there are simple things you can do to help yourself stay healthy and calm through the holidays.

6 Healthy Habits for the Holidays:

  • Get your body moving. It really doesn’t matter how you move during this time, but it does matter that you move. Go for a stroll, follow a short online yoga program, do some squats and planks while watching your favorite holiday movie(at home!). Moving your body will help you handle any stress hormones and activate your feel-good hormones. Short 10 minute sessions throughout your day can make a huge difference.
  • Don’t Diet. Trying to diet during the holidays is a recipe for disaster. Instead, fill yourself up with vegetables at every meal before anything else. Even breakfast (pack your smoothies with kale, parsley, cucumbers). Indulge in your absolute favorite treats in small amounts.
  • Limit Sugar. Indulgences are everywhere: Eggnog lattes, office cookies, friendly baskets of sweets from neighbors. Decide on what you would really enjoy, and then savor it, just one serving. When you are tempted to have more, just think of how good you will feel when you can still button your jeans on New Year’s day.
  • Bask in the Beauty. Positive emotions are an incredible tool for resilience. When we are resilient, we are able to bounce back quickly. And it’s not about ‘being happy’. Positive emotions include hope, wonder, curiosity, and inspiration. Let yourself bask in the delightful magic of twinkling lights, and take some time to savor your memories of the season as a child.
  • Say ‘no’. ‘No’ can be a full sentence, and you don’t have to explain. Period. Only say ‘yes’ to what your heart says yes to.
  • Get some shut eye. Give yourself the gift of restorative sleep. Turn off electronics an hour before bed, make some tea, think about 3 things you have to be grateful for, limit alcohol and caffeine 4 hours before bed. These will all help you drift into dreamland. When you sleep, your body naturally restores itself. Help it do it’s work by winding yourself down.

You’ll enjoy the season much more when you aren’t sick or overly stressed. Luckily, none of these suggestions to help you are too complicated or take a huge amount of time. It’s simply a matter of deciding you want a different experience for yourself, and then doing it.

“The Well” Kalia