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“A complete revaluation takes place in your physical and mental being when you’ve laughed and had some fun.” – Catherine Ponder

Well Travel: Traveling can be full of fun and adventure, and it can also be  huge stumbling point if you are trying to be healthy.  Eating and exercising habits are usually interrupted, and celebrating with family and friends are frequently the focus.  There are some simple ways to keep yourself from needing a vacation when you get home.  Some take some pre-planning, but it’s certainly worth it.

  • Healthy snacking: Don’t rely on the food that surrounds you on the road.  Airports and convenience stores are not the best place to grab something when you’re famished.  Make your own trail mix at home with your favorite nuts, pretzels and a bit of dried fruit (throw in some dark chocolate chunks for a treat), or stock up on Apples and string cheese at the grocery store.
  • Stay hydrated: Long hours in the air or on the road can leave you dehydrated.  Be sure to always carry a water bottle with you, sipping often.  There are some great brands of cold brew tea that you can put in your bottle for something a little different for your palate.
  • Find calm:  Seek out places that will allow you to calm your nerves.  Many airports have indoor gardens or ‘quiet places’ where you can decompress.  When you are driving, look for turnoffs that are not crowded where you can stop and stretch your legs and take some deep breaths.  You can load some calming music onto your mp3 player to help you settle.
  • Keep moving:  You may be moving many miles by train, plane, or automobile, but if you’re not moving your body, your energy, stress-level and waistline will pay the price.  Before you leave on your trip, research hikes in the area you are visiting, or studios where you can go to a class.  If you need to keep things really simple, every kind of exercise can be found streaming online.  Choose one, and keep your blood flowing.

Minute Moves for Travelers: Keep your blood moving while you are travelling by finding places to stretch your legs, strolling through the airport, or find a set of stairs to climb.  When you are in transit, try the following moves to keep from getting stiff.         

  • Leg extension: Sit tall in your seat.  Draw your belly button to your spine, and lift your foot, keeping your thigh parallel with the ground.  Lower foot and repeat 10 times on each leg.
  • Seated twist:  Sitting tall with feet flat on the floor.  Inhale and lift tall through your body and rotate to the right, keeping your shoulders down.  Put both hands on your right leg to help you twist.  Hold for 3 deep breaths, then change sides.
  • Arm stretches:  Bend arms at elbows and place the tips of your fingers lightly on the back of your head.  Gently draw shoulder blades together as you open your chest.  Hold for 3 breaths, or up to one minute.  Release arms, clasp fingers in front of you with straight arms, turn hands so palms face in front of you and round through your upper body.
  • Cat/Cow: place hands on the dashboard or the seat in front of you.  Use leverage to alternate rounding and arching your back, inhale with the arch and exhale with the rounding.

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