Life Coaching Blog Series Spring Clean your Health

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world” George Bernard Shaw

Spring Clean your Health:

There is an impulse that happens in the spring. We open the cupboards, rifle through overstuffed closets, clean those high windows, and hopefully bring a little more sparkle into our home. We can expand this idea, and use this impulse to bring some spring cleaning into our health and wellbeing. Below are just a few ideas to jumpstart your own internal spring clean:

  • Habits: What habits in your life are there just because you’re used to them. This is a great time to look at them more closely, and make a conscious decision about the small and large choices you make every day. If you have a habit that is not supporting your health, maybe it’s time to spring clean that habit. Replace it with a new one. Figure out how this habit is serving you, and find a different way to meet that need. Everyday habits have a huge impact on our overall well being, our weight, and our mood.
  • Mental Patterns: Notice the way your mind works. Pay attention to your thinking. ‘Turn the volume up’ on your thoughts so you can hear what you are telling yourself. Do you beat yourself up when you miss your workout or you eating plan gets de-railed? Do you stuff feelings of anger, sadness, or disappointment down with food or alcohol? Are you open to feeling the full range of human emotion? If you notice that you avoid certain emotions, explore this with close friends, or a counsellor. Letting yourself feel all of your emotions will free up so much space within you, even if it sounds scary or hard. We know that it takes 60-90 seconds for the energy of an emotion to wash through us. It sticks around longer only if our mind plays a script about it, reliving the source of it, or being stuck in the past or future.
  • Connection: One of our basic human needs is to feel connected. Look at the circle of people you most often interact with. Do they feel like supportive relationships? When you spend time with these people, do you leave feeling better than you did before, or do you feel like they are sucking the life out of you? Spend time cultivating close connections with people who accept you as you are; a few close connections are actually more meaningful than a large number of surface connections. Let people who drain your energy go.
  • Sleep: Deep clean your sleep habits by giving yourself a pre-bedtime routine. Turn off electronics 1 hour before bed. Take a warm bath or shower, have some non-caffeinated tea, listen to soft music, stretch your body, or come up with your own routine to unwind at the end of the day. Resist the urge to get on social media, or catch up on sitcoms. The long term benefits of getting sleep will far outweigh the short term fun of being entertained.

There are so many areas of our lives that are ready for a deep clean. Take some time this Spring to examine your life, find one or two areas that could use some attention, and then focus on cleaning them up, knowing that time spent on these activities will create subtle profound, and long lasting benefits to all levels of your health.