Life Coaching Blog Series

Welcome to HMA’s Life Coaching Blog series. We encourage you to explore our monthly blogs that aim to educate our members, clients, and local communities regarding health and wellness.

Tis the season  - December 2017

Tis the season friends for holiday gatherings that usually include high calorie desserts that may pack on a few extra pounds to take with us into the new year! This… is a clue that the fitness centers will be full in January! Read More

 Sleep is a Powerful Medicine – May 2017

Some people view sleep as a bonus, something to give into once the to-do list is done. However, sleep is a crucial activity that your body requires. Read more

Boost Your Mood with Your Lifestyle - April 2017

Everyone has had days where we feel a little blue. Maybe we’ve experienced many days in a row where we feel out of sorts. Our mental health is a huge part of our physical health, and it is subject to the effects of our diet, movement habits, sleep patterns, and exposure to toxins. Read more

Spring Clean your Health - March 2017

There is an impulse that happens in the spring. We open the cupboards, rifle through overstuffed closets, clean those high windows, and hopefully bring a little more sparkle into our home. We can expand this idea, and use this impulse to bring some spring cleaning into our health and well being. Below are just a few ideas to jump start your own internal spring clean: Read More 

The Power of Community - February 2017

No one wants to feel alone in life. This is especially true when undertaking something as daunting as making a lifestyle change. The pull of the patterns of the people who surround you has it’s own type of gravity. Studies show that people who have obese friends are 57% more likely to be obese themselves. The same is true for smokers, and also, luckily, for exercisers. Read More

How to Make a Big Difference in your Health - January 2017

When we want to get healthier, we tend to think of making sweeping changes in our lives. We want to drop 30(or more) pounds, we give up gluten, we promise to wake up before the sun every day of the week and go to gym. In short, we get dramatic. In a way, this makes sense, because we want to feel dramatic differences in our health. Read More

How is your microbiome? - December 2016

My micro-what? Simply put, your microbiome is the community of bacteria that lives in your intestine. It is a community of non human organisms that, like any community, can be healthy, or unhealthy. When your microbiome is out of balance, or unhealthy, you will definitely feel the effects, though you may not have thought about where those effects were coming from. Read More

Stay Healthy through the Holidays - November 2016

The holidays are a time when most of us get really busy. There are presents to get, decorations to set, and the social calendar gets really full. On top of that, work obligations do not go away. Some love this kind of busy-ness, but you may feel like you can’t quite catch up. Read More

Having Clear VisionOctober 2016

The adage, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?” is fitting for anyone who decides to make a change in their life in order to effect their health. It’s easy to rattle off what you don’t want; to be tired, to be sick, to be overweight. Read More

How To Change a HabitSeptember 2016

Our lives are largely made up of habits. Those habits either help us feel healthy, strong and engaged, or they help us feel tired, overweight and unwell. Studies show that we can indeed change our habits, but it does take some attention and effort. Read More

Five Ways to Inspire your Family - August 2016

One of the biggest motivators I hear from people for wanting to get healthy and fit, is that so they will have more energy and strength to play with their kids and their grand kids. Read More

Finding Balance - July 2016

In the busy-ness of daily life, it’s easy to get distracted handling what’s right in front of us that we neglect the things that are most important to us.  We forget about our health until we get sick or injured, we neglect our dreams until our soul screams to be heard. Read More

Play Like a Kid - June 2016

Think about how many hours you spent outside every day when you were a kid..  Think of the trails you explored, the fences you balanced on, the sidewalks you skipped on, and the trees you climbed.  Childhood is spent finding our way physically through the world as much as any other way. Read More

Healthy Traveling - May 2016

Traveling can be full of fun and adventure, and it can also be  huge stumbling point if you are trying to be healthy.  Eating and exercising habits are usually interrupted, and celebrating with family and friends are frequently the focus. Read More

 Can Sitting Affect my Health? - April 2016

Numerous recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting can have serious health consequences.  In fact, the research shows that the more time spent sitting, the more likely you are to die an early death from any number of causes. Read More

Should I Detox? - March 2016

This question comes up so many times in the course of my day working with clients.  There is talk in media about celebrities and their detox programs, and you see ads and products for detoxing everywhere you turn. Our bodies are designed to detoxify themselves. Read More

Clutter and your Weight - February 2016

You might wonder what clutter has to do with your health.  If you are struggling to lose weight, look around you, perhaps peek in your closets; recent studies show that people living in homes filled with clutter were 75% more likely to carry a significant amount of extra weight on their bodies. Read More

When you don’t Meet your Goals - January 2016

We all start off with the best of intentions.  We decide we want to do something, we may even know ‘why’ we want to do it (link to ‘how to change a habit – september 2014).  There’s a lot of energy to ‘make it happen’ in the beginning.  But life can take over. Read More 

One Step at a Time for CaregiversDecember 2015

In our society, we are often the caregivers for more than our children.  There is extended family, and quite often parents who need our care and attention.  Our time feels so limited when we are trying to meet the needs of those we love, that our own health, happiness and well-being is forgotten. Read More

Quick Guide to Goal SettingNovember 2015

“It is not found in books, they are merely maps. It is buried deep, in experience” – Janine Canan. Read More

 Three Steps to Finding Balance - October 2015

There is a myth of balance that exists in our culture.  People talk about it, but’s it’s nearly always about trying to find it, often followed by a snicker – balance as the elusive unicorn.  Balance can often be found in small doses.  It’s more about finding your balance sooner when the pendulum of life swings wide, which it always will.  Read More