Diet & Nutrition – Blog Series

Welcome to HMA’s Diet & Nutrition Blog series. We encourage you to explore our monthly blogs that aim to educate our members, clients, and local communities regarding diet and nutrition.

Blog Post #9: Are you an afternoon snacker? – March 2016

QUINOA WITH MIXED VEGETABLES—You know about the benefits of this super-grain, but chances are, you have not considered trying it as an afternoon snack.  Meal prep this one on the weekend by mixing two-thirds cup of quinoa, cooked veggies, and a touch of lemon juice for its antioxidants, protein, and healthy fat balance. Read more 

Blog Post #8: Key to a “heart healthy” lifestyle - February 2016

Key to a “heart healthy” lifestyle includes regular exercise and choosing healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.   The way we prepare those foods is just as important.  The following tips can help lower your risk of heart disease or help manage your existing disease. Read More

Blog Post #7: It’s a New Year! - January 2016

The beginning of the year gets us prepped to reboot the healthy lifestyle by kicking some bad habits, getting off the couch and start moving! Read More 

Blog Post #6: Men Lose Weight More Quickly than Women - December 2015

One place men have an edge over women today:  the scale.  Because of the male body’s naturally higher muscle mass, men are able to shed weight faster than women since muscle burns more calories, even at rest.  Read More

Blog Post #5: Too Much Sugar - November 2015

Most adults and children eat too much sugar.  The type of sugar we eat too much of is known as “free sugars”.  These include sugars added to food or drinks, and are found naturally in honey, syrups and unsweetened fruit juices. Read More

Blog Post #4: Fall is Here! - October 2015

You can start soups in the crockpot with chicken and vegetables or just vegetables and broth with beans for the protein. Add herbs and spices to season in place of salt. Thyme is a great herb to use in place of salt and adds a nice flavor to any soup.  Read More

Blog Post #3:  Celiac Disease - September 2015

Celiac disease is more common than we think and many people go undiagnosed for years.  An estimated 1 in 133 Americans has celiac disease.  The condition is genetic, and if an immediate family member has celiac disease, the chance you may have it increases to 1 in 22. Read More

Blog Post #2: Kicking Off a New School Year - August 2015

Kicking off a new school year gives us opportunity to improve kids’ nutritional habits by teaching them the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, and packing healthy snacks and lunches and making healthy choices while eating out with friends. Read More

Blog Post #1: Berries Everywhere, All Summer! - July 2015

Berries are bursting with vitamins and minerals, many of which are classified as antioxidants? July is National Berry Month and here are just a few facts about berries and fun, yummy ways to get them into your diet! Read More