Part II – Taking Care of the Heart

February 23, 2015


Hey everyone!  Thanks for coming back!  To add to my last blog on “Taking Care of the Heart”, let’s talk further on taking care of our “whole self.  What does that mean?  

Well, everyone wants to live a long, healthy and happy life, right?  In striving for this, we focus on eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep and lowering stress level in the midst of our crazy schedules and taking care of family.  Add to this long list, taking care of our mental and emotional health.  I would call this “balanced living”.  We do this automatically, everyday, without thinking we are balancing our lives.

Balanced living would include all aspects of your life:  relationships, work, fitness and health and emotional well-being.  In order to balance all of this, it is important to take time out for yourself and, sort of, de-stress so that you can balance your life.

Make time each day, even if its fifteen minutes in the morning or thirty minutes before dinner or bedtime to do something just for you to help with stress reduction.  A few tips:

  • Get up fifteen minutes early to savor a cup of coffee or tea and a little quiet time before the rest of the house awakes.


  • Find a new recipe to try and invite friends over for a relaxing evening and ask everyone to bring an item for the meal so you aren’t doing all the work. 


  • Listen to a book on tape while commuting to work.


  • Schedule time for exercise just like you would for appointments so that you are committed to get it done.


  • Look for heart healthy recipes on the internet, stock your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies that will be easy to grab and go.


  • Plan a week of healthy meals and make a list of only those ingredients to buy so that you won’t be tempted by junk food.


  • Get your home organized.  Cleaning out closets or the pantry can really make a difference.

Laughter has to be a part of the equation everyday also.  Don’t take life so serious that you don’t enjoy it.

Taking some “me” time each day makes you a better person and will give you the energy both physically and mentally to take care of everyone else in your life.  


Be Well,


Sherry Jenko, DTR and Wellness Coach