Our team of medical professionals and health coaches have created an extensive library of Health and Wellness Programs tailored to fight disease and improve lifestyle choices. Our programs range from diabetes prevention and education to our partnership with the American Cancer Society’s Quit for Life – Smoking Cessation Program. Certified health coaches develop personalized meal plans, easy-to-follow exercise programs, and many other tools for employees to help defeat disease.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting healthier is getting started. The key is to realize
that small changes lead to big results. My Wellness programs can give you simple guidelines to help you change your diet and get more active — then our health coaches will help direct you where to go from there.

Each week your program coach will provide an achievable goal and a To-Do List of
action items to help you make it happen. Regular emails will remind you to stay on track.

Some details about our programs:

Personalized meal plans
Tips on how to shop smart in the supermarket
Healthy cooking strategies and substitutions
Easy ideas on ways to get more active
Final scorecard that measures your progress

See some of our Health and Wellness Programs:

  • Defeat Diabetes
  • Quit For Life
  • Healthy Heart
  • Healthy Diet
  • Weight Loss
  • Family Health
  • Keikis Health
  • Healthy Aging