Newsroom: Member Portal

HMA announces the release of the new version of our Member Portal. HMA now provides a comprehensive and easy to use member portal that is customized for each client. Our portal continues to provide all of the standard functions a member would expect including: provider directories, enrollment changes, claim and EOB inquiry, and benefit plan information along with other client specific forms and documents. In addition our portal provides access to calculated accumulators that inform members of the benefits they have used and what remains available to them. These include: current out of pocket and deductible amounts, and visits, events, and dollars applied to specific benefits. HMA’s new member portal is mobile friendly and upon detecting a mobile device it configures its content appropriately. Members accessing our portal with smart phone and pad computer devices including iPhone, Android, and Microsoft products and all have an excellent user experience.

About HMA, LLC

Hawaii-Mainland Administrators is one of the largest Third-Party Administrators (TPA) of self-funded and fully insured health plans throughout Hawaii and the US continental southwest. For nearly 30 years, HMA has provided services including claims adjudication, medical management, technology and infrastructure and customer service to Employers, Payers, Taft-Hartley Trust Plans, Native American Tribes and more. Utilizing a variety of exceptional technology services, including complete healthcare management software, data warehouses, specialized applications, and advanced optical scanning software, HMA offers our clients a wide range of solutions. HMA provides self-funded health plans and related benefits offered to large employers, Taft-Hartley, Native Americans, brokers, and consultants. HMA also provides solutions for health insurance companies. For more information please contact Brandon Carter, Senior Sales Representative, at, 480-921-8944.