Newsroom New Precis Technology

HMA announces the release of the newest version of Precis Technology.  Precis Technology is our comprehensive, tightly integrated suite of applications that manage all aspects of our healthcare enterprise. This new version includes improvements to increase operational efficiency, upgrades to the latest versions of our software platform, and new features requested by our clients. Our Precis software uses rules engine technology that enables us to adapt to new business requirements by making changes to configuration rules instead of making major system updates. This makes it possible for us to improve our system without causing any inconvenience to our clients. The Precis Technology application suite is kept up to date with all industry standards, requirements, and mandates. It is fully compliant with current HIPAA, 5010, ICD-10, and ACA mandates.

About HMA, LLC

Hawaii-Mainland Administrators is one of the largest Third-Party Administrators (TPA) of self-funded and fully insured health plans throughout Hawaii and the US continental southwest. For nearly 30 years, HMA has provided services including claims adjudication, medical management, technology and infrastructure and customer service to Employers, Payers, Taft-Hartley Trust Plans, Native American Tribes and more. Utilizing a variety of exceptional technology services, including complete healthcare management software, data warehouses, specialized applications, and advanced optical scanning software, HMA offers our clients a wide range of solutions. HMA provides self-funded health plans and related benefits offered to large employers, Taft-Hartley, Native Americans, brokers, and consultants. HMA also provides solutions for health insurance companies. For more information please contact Brandon Carter, Senior Sales Representative, at, 480-921-8944.