Plan Admin

The Power of Integration, Experience and Technology



The ability to offer all services from one company. HMA offers fully developed integrated and certified compliant health plans along with flexible customized plan options to fit any employer’s needs.


Superior technology makes the HMA engine work. Our owned proprietary software allows HMA to compete in any setting. Our technology systems ensure maximum efficiency, flexibility, reporting, and cost savings.


Our health insurance experts include areas in finance services, statutory and GAAP accounting, and actuarial support. We offer the expertise to our clients and enable companies the relief of having a well-managed health plan.


Some of HMA’s Primary Services

Claims Adjudication

Customer Service

Health Services

Account Management

Wellness Services

Accounting Services

Provider Network Access 

Pharmacy Benefits

Some of HMA TPA’s Administration Services:

  • Medical Administration

    Our claim payment systems are designed to provide consistent third-party administration for a wide variety of medical plans and pricing arrangements. Medical benefits are programmed specifically to each customer’s plan. We have the ability to:

    • Medical Records & StethoscopeAdminister three-tier benefit plan designs
    • Develop customer-specific contract arrangements
    • Interact with Medicare as a secondary payer      of part A and B claims

    We also offer superior provider network access and cost containment initiatives.

    HMA offers access to the MultiPlan PPO and HMO Networks. We also have extensive experience in developing and administering alternate and multiple network arrangements.

    With HMA’s customized, on-demand reporting, customers can use industry and national benchmarks to measure their plan’s trend. We also provide customers with in-depth plan analysis and recommendations to support continuous improvement and strategic decisions.

    Claim Administration

    All of our claims administration services are conducted on-site by our experienced team. And with our state-of-the-art proprietary claims processing system, you can count on accurate and cost-effective claims processing.

    Guy-DoctorOver 90% of our claims are received electronically. This allows us to automatically adjudicate claims based on your specific benefit plan. Our claims examiners review claims as they are adjudicated to pinpoint any potential errors or address special circumstances requested by each client. Eligibility and claims information is electronically transmitted daily, allowing for quick turnaround of payments.

    We strive to exceed your expectations and commit to aggressive claims processing performance standards.