Precis Technologies, HMA’s developed and maintained health plan administration platform is ready for the future of healthcare. The scalability and functionality are built to process claims, membership, billing, and commissions needs.

serverPrecis Technology Features:

  • 5010 and ICD-10 Compliant-Ready

  • Real-Time Claims Processing

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Consolidating OOP maximums

  • Real-time Workflow Management

  • Plan Building Capabilities and Testing

  • Claims Pricing for a variety of networks

HMA’s payor platform for health benefits and reimbursement administration gives you the flexibility required to support ongoing regulatory mandates and adapt to new value-based care management models. It’s open source architecture and business-driven configuration ensure optimal operations performance, while its expanded interoperability maximizes efficiency of enterprise. All of these benefits in combination with HMA’s proven ROI make it one of today’s most affordable solutions.

Precis will ensure your business is reform-ready, interoperable, scalable and secure, all while giving you the ROI your company needs to continue to thrive.

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