HMA news releases are listed in order by date. The archives are presented for historical purposes and may not reflect the company’s current views. If you need additional information, please contact the HMA representative listed on each news release.

Welcome to the Family!! - January 2016

HMA is pleased to announce a stellar start to 2016 with the addition of 35 new clients throughout 13 states. The Precis Integrated Health Plan provides… Read More

HMA Launches Precis Compliance Solutions! - December 2015

ACA regulations require employees to report to the IRS certain information that is used tp determine of they are in compliance with offering coverage that is deemed affordable to all eligible employees. To assist with this reporting requirement HMA has… Read More

HMA Partners with Christian Discount Alliance for Shared Health (C-DASH) - November 2015

Hawaii Mainland Administrators (HMA) has partnered with Christian Discount Alliance for Shared Health (C-DASH) to support members of Shared Healthcare Ministries through a membership program. Read More

HMA Releases New Precis Technology - October 2015

HMA announces the release of the newest version of Precis Technology.  Precis Technology is our comprehensive, tightly integrated suite of applications that manage all aspects of our healthcare enterprise. Read More

HMA Launches Member Portal Access! – August 2015

HMA announces the release of the new version of our Member Portal. HMA now provides a comprehensive and easy to use member portal that is customized for each client. Our portal continues to provide all of the standard functions a member would expect including: provider directories, enrollment changes, claim and EOB inquiry, and benefit plan information along with other client specific forms and documents. Read More 

HMA Rolls out new MEC and MVP Plans! - June 2015

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes significant penalties on employers that fail to offer certain preventive coverage’s (MEC) and/or coverage that do not meet the minimum value test (MVP) to eligible employees. Read More

HMA donates for Navajo Nation cause! - May 2015

Kelvin Winney, a proud member of the Navajo Nation, took first place in his spelling bee competition held at Monument Valley High school. After his victory, Kelvin faced some adversity with being informed that…Read More

Precis Integrated Health Plans - May 2014

HMA is a leading provider of third party health benefits and administrative services throughout the southwest and Hawaii, is announcing the launch of its Precis Integrated Health Plans (Precis). Read More