What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

The Coaching Experience

Our Life Coaches are motivating and inspiring!   They partner with our members (that’s you!) in order for you to achieve the maximum personal growth you are desiring.  If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, our life coaches can help.  From having health related goals, to looking to create that balance in your life (and anything in between) our coaches work with you to focus on solutions and opportunities to help move you forward. Sometimes we reach blocks in our lives… our coaches will help motivate you to move those obstacles.  Learn how to shift your energy to get what you really want.

A few things coaching is NOT:

Therapy — Therapists are experts in medical science who deal with specific medical diagnoses (mainly dealing in the past)

Counselors — Like therapists, counselors deal primarily in the past focusing on specific diagnoses

Advice Givers — While coaches may offer suggestions, ideas, or action steps, they do not give advice; instead our coaches listen and ask empowering questions to help you find your answers

So if you’re ready to get crystal clear and navigate life’s challenges, our coaches are here for you!

Live Inspired …